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King, T., De Siena, L., Benson, P., Vinciguerra, S., (2023). Mapping faults in the laboratory with seismic scattering 1: the laboratory perspective. Geophysical Journal International, 232, 1590-1599.

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Stephen Howcutt, Matteo Spagnolo, Brice R. Rea, Jan Jaszewski, Iestyn Barr, Diego Coppola, Luca De Siena, Társilo Girona, Andie Gomez-Patron, Donal Mullan, Matthew E. Pritchard; Icy thermometers: Quantifying the impact of volcanic heat on glacier elevation. Geology 2023;; 51 (12): 1143–1147. doi:


Napolitano, F., Gabrielli, S., De Siena, L., Amoroso, O., & Capuano, P. (2023). Imaging overpressurised fracture networks and geological barriers hindering fluid migrations across a slow-deformation seismic gap. Scientific Reports, 13(1), 1-11.

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