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Akande, W. G.,  Gan, Q.,  Cornwell, D. G., &  De Siena, L. (2021).  Thermo‐Hydro‐Mechanical Model and Caprock Deformation Explain the Onset of an On‐going Seismo‐volcanic Unrest. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth,  126, e2020JB020449.


King, T. I.,  Vinciguerra, S., Benson, P., &  De Siena, L. (2021).  King, T., Vinciguerra, S., Burgess, J., Benson, P., & De Siena, L. Source mechanisms of laboratory earthquakes during fault nucleation and formation. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, e2020JB021059.

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Sketsiou, P., De Siena, L., Gabrielli, S., & Napolitano, F. (2021). 3D attenuation image of fluid storage and tectonic interactions across the Pollino fault network. Geophysical Journal International. ggab109,


Nardoni, C., De Siena, L., Mattei, E., Magrini F. & Cammarano, F. (2021). Modelling regional scale attenuation across Italy and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interior. 106765,


Di Martino, P., De Siena, L., Healy, D. & Vialle, S. (2021). Petro-mineralogical controls on coda attenuation in volcanic rock samples. Geophysical Journal International. 226, 1858-1876.


Petrosino, S. & De Siena, L (2021). Fluid migrations and volcanic earthquakes from depolarised ambient noise. Nature: Communications. 12, 6656.

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