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Scattering images from autocorrelation functions of P-wave seismic

velocity images: the case of Tenerife Island (Canary Islands, Spain).

A Garcia-Yeguas, A Sanchez-Alzola, L De Siena, J Prudencio, A Diaz-Moreno & J M Ibanez; Bulletin of Volcanology 80, 24

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Numerically calculated  3-D Space-Weighting Functions to Image Crustal Volcanic Structures Using Diffuse Coda Waves

E Del Pezzo, A De La Torre, F Bianco, J Ibanez, S Gabrielli & L De Siena; Geosciences 8, 175

Volcanic impacts on modern glaciers: A global synthesis.

YD Barr, CM Lynch, D Mullan, L De Siena & M Spagnolo; Earth-Science Reviews 182,186-20

The Next Pompeii - featuring me!

The Next Pompeii - featuring me!

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Ambient seismic noise image of the structurally-controlled fluid feeder-pathway at Campi Flegrei caldera.

L De Siena, C Sammarco, DG Cornwell, M La Rocca, F Bianco, L Zaccarelli & H Nakahara; Geophysical Research Letters 45 (13), 6428-6436

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