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A record of seafloor methane across the last 150 million years. D. OppoL De Siena, D. Kemp; Nature: Scientific Reports.


Direct inversion of S-P differential arrival-times for

Vp/Vs ratio in SE Asia. A. Zenonos, L De Siena, S. Widiyantoro, N. Rawlinson: JGR: Solid Earth.


New insights into absorption tomography. ​ P. Sketsiou, F Napolitano, A. Zenonos, L. De Siena, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interior.


Acoustic Emission Waveform Picking with Time Delay Neural Networks During Rock Deformation Laboratory Experiments. ​ T. King, P. Benson, L. De Siena, S. Vinciguerra. Seismological Research Letters.

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Mt. Etna Feeding System and Sliding Flank: A New 3D Image From Earthquakes Distribution in a Customisable GIS. R. Guardo, L De Siena, C Dreidemie, Frontiers in Earth Sciences.


Understanding seismic path biases and magmatic activity at Mount St Helens volcano before its 2004 eruption. S. Gabrielli, L De Siena, F Napolitano, E Del Pezzo. Geophysical Journal International.


Geomorphology and surface geology of Mount St Helens volcano. S. Gabrielli, M. Spagnolo, L De Siena. Journal of Maps. 


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