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Space-weighted seismic attenuation mapping of the aseismic

source of Campi Flegrei 1983–1984 unrest

L De Siena, Amoruso, E. Del Pezzo, Z. Wakeford, M. Castellano, and L. Crescentini ; Geophysical Research Letters 44, 1740–1748

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Seismic scattering and absorption mapping from intermediate-depth earthquakes reveals complex tectonic interactions acting in the Vrancea region and surroundings (Romania)

Borleanu, L De Siena, C. Thomas,Popa, M Radulian; Tectonphysics 706-707, 129-142

Source and dynamics of a volcanic caldera unrest: Campi Flegrei, 1983-84.

L De Siena, G Chiodini, G Vilardo, E Del Pezzo, M Castellano, S Colombelli, N Tisato & G Ventura; Nature: Scientific Reports 7, 8099

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Integrating ambient noise with GIS for a new perspective on volcano​ imaging and monitoring: The case study of Mt. Etna.

R Guardo & L De Siena; Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 347, 397-407

Benefits of maximum likelihood estimators for fracture attribute analysis: Implications for permeability and up-scaling

RE Rizzo, D Healy & L De Siena; Journal of Structural Geology 95, 17-31

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Investigating the Apparent Seismic Diffusivity of Near-Receiver Geology at Mount St. Helens Volcano, USA

King, P. Benson, L De Siena, S. Vinciguerra; Geosciences 7, 130

1984 - fluid injection or magma intrusion?

1984 - fluid injection or magma intrusion?

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